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Semifinale Premio Veretti 2015 - New version for Tae Ho Hwang 2019

With this piece, I felt the urgency to express the conglomerate of violence, dread and anxiety represented by the phenomenon of terrorism.

for solo piano

Songs f(or) a Loss

for soprano sax/oboe and piano

Sinuous, Straight, Solar

for solo piano

Breaking the Standard



trame di sangue grigio

for large orchestra

Nudo di maschera 

for string orchestra

Nudo di maschera (excerpt) - BELLI
00:00 / 00:00

for mezzo-soprano, string orchestra

and percussion

Terra rossa, terra nera 

Peabody Institute of The Johns Hopkins University - 2018

Dismayed at the multi-year Syrian crisis, I dedicated this work to all the human blood poured on the sacrificial altar of power.

Commissioned by Orchestra Camera Fiorentina - 2016

I was driven by the convoluted seduction scene of Shakespeare's Richard III, in which Gloucester and Lady Anne show what they may offer to and receive from one another: power, possession, revenge and protection. Both characters are being uncovered - “naked masks” - to their pitiless needs.

Personal project - 2015

Poem by Cesare Pavese.  


Commissioned by Ensemble di Musica Contemporanea "L.Dallapiccola" - Broadcast by Rete Toscana Classica as official commercial of the Conservatory of Music “L.Cherubini” of Florence - 2016

Version for Altre Voci Ensemble - 2017

A Tango – Milonga that ends up in an elusive and illusive equilibrium, passing through sketches of various pace and tone.

Commissioned by Camere Contemporanee at Fondazione Cantiere Internazionale d'Arte in Montepulciano (Italy) - 2017

It is a dialogue with Picasso's "Nude Woman with Necklace" (1968 - Tate Modern, London). When I first saw that portrait of Jacqueline Roque, I felt overwhelmed by its exuding energy. Driven by the vivid memory of that visit, I conceived a musical flux in which mellow sonorities and propulsive inputs are intertwined within a transparent texture, with a constant oscillation between nebulosity and assertiveness.

Movenza Estrema (excerpt) - BELLI
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Concertino for C-trumpet and ensemble
(sax-quartet, drum-set, marimba, piano 4H)
Movenza Sospesa (excerpt) - BELLI
00:00 / 00:00
for cl, vibr, vl and vc
for fl, cl, vibr, vc, pf and live electronics

Lei, piangente [On a Shore of Cries]

Orchestra del Maggio Musicale Fiorentino, Accademia del Maggio Musicale Fiorentino, Scuola di Musica di Fiesole - 2016

A contemporary orchestration for sinfonietta in a multi-composer team. 

Opera buffa by Jacques Offenbach

Libretto by Philippe Gille

Vent du soir ou l'horrible festin  

Commissioned by mezzosoprano Randa Melhem - 2019

Arrangement for voice, violin and piano.

Original music by Fairuz

Poem by Khalil Gibran

Aatiny al Nay